Amber Jar Candle 100g
Amber Jar Candle 100g

Amber Jar Candle (100g)

SGD 39.00

These beautiful crystal-infused candles work wonderfully with the aromatic fragrances. By placing crystals in the candles, the wax get infused with the crystals' healing energy. Burning them will fill your homes with high vibrations, soothing calmness and wonderful energies. Features: Wax: Natural Soy/Coconut wax Wick: Cotton wick Size: 100g of wax Burn time: 25 hours (approx) Origin: Handmade in Singapore Additional: No Lead, No Paraffin, No Phthalate, No Paraben Each candle will contain any 3 of the following crystals: - Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality) for overall wellness, healing, reduce stress. - Rose quartz (Stone of Love) for unconditional love, friendship and peace. - Strawberry quartz (Stone of Inner Love) to attract soulmate and understand one's purpose. - Moonstone (Visionary's Stone) for intuition, reduce anxiety, good for women. - Clear Quartz (Stone of Power) for cleansing, and amplifying other crystals. - Ocean Jasper (Stone of Peace) for happiness, serenity and peace of mind. - Citrine (Stone of Money) for wealth and success in business. - Peridot (Stone of Compassion) for abundance of blessings, and joy. - Green Aventurine (Stone of Opportunity) for windfall, good luck, relationship. - Tiger's Eye (Stone of Protection) for protection, career, and good luck. - Black Obsidian (Stone of Truth) for protection, strength, and self assurance. - Amazonite (Stone of Hope) for good sleep and remove toxic emotion. - Aquamarine (Stone of Courage) for meditation, calmness, physical healing. - Fluorite for self confidence, decision making and better relationships. - Smoky Quartz (Stone of Power) for protection and grounding. - Lapis Lazuli (Stone of Fortune) for communication, wisdom, insomnia. - Blue Apatite (Stone of Manifestation) for communication, and personal growth. - Blue Sandstone (Stone of Victory) brings courage, wisdom and will power. - Red Jasper (Stone of Endurance) for self confidence, courage, and protection. - Super 7 for balancing, healing and energizing. - Carnelian (Artist's Stone) for creativity, motivation and success. - Labradorite (Stone of Protection) for transformation and change. - Moss Agate (Stone of Strength) for wealth, self esteem and good luck. If you didnt find the scent that you are looking for, please send me a message! Please indicate your preferred crystals when you check out. If you did not manage to do that, feel free to whatsapp me. If the scent that you are looking for is not available, please whatsapp me as most of my 200g candles are made to order. Kindly choose offline PAYNOW/PAYLAH payment when you check out. The objective is to reduce on online transaction fees, so I can continue to provide free and fast delivery to you. Important: Please read the candle care tip sticker under the candle jar!

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